Find your strength and Use it

For many of us, life is difficult and just standing up on your own feet can pose a big challenge. We have to deal with many problems in our everyday life. One of the major problems is earning a livelihood or earning enough money to pay the bills. What often happens is that we lose our way and we feel helpless. So, life becomes complicated. I have talked about it in my previous article. Now, I am going to discuss about dealing with this problem. The most effective way is to find your strong point.

Each and every one of us is good at something. May be , you are good at writing, I am good at speaking, he is good at playing and she is good at marketing. It is important to find out your strength. People may laugh at you but do not bother. Instead, try to find your strength. Strength here indicates two things- interest and skill. For example, you may like to eat tasty food but that does not mean that you have the skill of cooking. You may appreciate good books but that does not mean that you can write short stories or novels.

You may love several things at the same time too. So, finding a single interesting thing may become difficult. It is up to you to reach to a conclusion. You may take advice from others- consult with your teachers or seniors. This may help you to make a wise decision. Even if you make a mistake then do not worry. It is natural to make mistakes. You just need to understand that you are making a mistake and then come out of it.

After you can find your interest, you have to try to be skilled in it. You love cooking and you dream to become a chef- start knowing about this field and at the same time, practice cooking. Know about recipes, spices, cooking books, utensils, fire, cookers- everything related to cooking. Again, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, if you practice something with passion and care then you will sooner or later become skilled in it.

If we can start acting this way then we will start enjoying our work. At first, do not focus on money but focus on making yourself skilled on something. That is why, you need to find your strength in life. Money will come sooner or later if you can improve regularly. You may not become a billionaire but you will surely start earning enough money to pay the bills and then save some.

We are afraid of failing but we should be afraid of not finding our strong point in life. I have witnessed ups and downs in life frequently. I have experienced it in my own life. So, I know that failure is not entirely a bad thing. Even if it is a very bad thing, it happens to us a lot. If you can keep on moving with your head high, you will surely become stronger even during your failures.

In the last one year, I wrote more than 2000 posts in Facebook as some of us tried to set up e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). It is a trade association and so far 300 companies have joined. We had to face many difficulties but I kept on posting in Facebook along with other activities. At first, hardly anyone noticed, then some people used to laugh at me and make fun of me. However, I knew that writing was my strong point and I used to post 5-6 or even 10 times a day.

As a result, after one year, I have now 5000 people in my friend list and 900 followers. I am the admin of the e-CAB Facebook group consisting of 15,000 members. I am also admin of Encouragebd Facebook group too and it has 1300 members. A few days ago, we had a get together party from this small group and 33 persons showed up in a restaurant. I spoke in several universities about e-commerce in Bangladesh and went to different TV channels six times in the last one year. The future looks to be only brighter from here on for us.

I am known to many people now from home and abroad because of my continuous effort in the last one year. I have achieved something significant in the last one year and the association is now doing fine. It was not a solo effort but I played my role in my own way and made the best use of something that I am skilled- writing.

So, I urge you to find your own strength and use it in the best way. What is your strong point?

One thought on “Find your strength and Use it

  1. We are all much too scared of making mistakes and this holds us back from doing what we really want to do. We’re too focused on ‘what-if’ and possibilities in the future and memories from the past, but we forget to live now and do what we’re good at now, despite the risks and possiblities that might emerge.

    Because even if we fail, at least we can say we tried and gave it our best shot-and there’s always something else to do, or another skill to master.

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