How can a Dream Come True?

Tonight, I saw a dream come true in my life. I wanted to write about this topic a long time ago but I wanted to experience it first. I had the pleasure of getting it tonight. What happened? I am admin of a Facebook Group and it has now 15,000 members.

The url is:

I am the founding President of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) and if you have time, you can read my profile here:

Why am I so excited about a Facebook group having 15,000 members? After all, I do not even own this group as the owner of the group is e-CAB not me. If I am not the president of this association, I have nothing to do with the group or I cannot have any personal benefit either.

I am excited because I dedicated one year of my life for the association. Some of us tried for it and I am the head. There were many obstacles. So, we had to try our best to take it forward. At times, we almost got destroyed and there was hardly any hope for the future. There were numerous challenges and biggest challenge was to engage people related e-commerce in Bangladesh.  So, I decided to be very active in the FB group from 15 November 2014. It has taken 13 months of dedicated hard work to take this group to the current level.

I am one of the 3 admins there but I worked really hard. For example, I have posted around 2000 posts in the last 13 months.  I also commented to the 90% posts of others. I tried to reply almost every comment in my posts.  In short the group became one of the most actives ones in the country. What we do in the group? The first goal of this group is to answer almost every question people can ask about e-commerce.  Any question is answered within an hour or two. The basic idea is that I know the answer of one question and I am stating it for others. This way, just contributing with one post or one answer, we all are building a huge database of knowledge and information about e-commerce in Bangla language.

We are all getting benefited immensely this way. We opened a blog about e-commerce in Bangla language and there are 300+ articles. When we share an url of any blog article, many people clik and read the articles. So, the group has brought us many readers.  Also, we do voice chat in skype every night. This is a very good place for asking and discussing about anything related to e-commerce. Again, thanks to the group, we get people to participate at skype voice chat. Skype has a limitation of 25 participants but now we can broadcast it live in our website.

In short, many good things have happened thanks to the Facebook group and its members. In the last 14 months, 300 companies have joined the association. In terms of membership, we are one of the fastest growing trade associations in the country.  It is bound to have a positive impact on the e-commerce industry from next year.

We have promoted numerous business ventures from young and not so well off entrepreneurs. It is not that they have become rich but many of them got some crucial support. My dream was to create a platform for the young people where they will get support without having to spend any money. Many people have joined us and this dream has come true.

The facebook group is going to grow a lot but I just hope that we can keep this style of helping each other.

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  1. Congrats Razib! Hard work does pay off in the end, even though it can take a while to get there. But persistence pays off and you have shown that through your dedication here.

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